Building update: New Years 7-9 Learning Centre

04 Apr 2022

Westall SC has completed a self-funded, covered hardcourt area, known as Westall Arena. This facility provides extra covered space for PE, sport, performing arts, assemblies and other community events.

The ‘Westall Precinct’ is subject to a long-term building plan in which Westall Primary School has had several stages of buildings with the final piece under construction currently.

Westall SC will be completely redeveloped, with the A, B and C wings replaced with state-of-the-art facilities in the coming years.

The next stage of building for our College will be the new Year 7-9 Learning Centre, sue to being construction in late 2022, with a budget of $9.3m.

Key feature sof the Year 7-9 Learning Centre:

•$9.3m budget

•10 flexible classrooms, opening up into 5 larger ones

•Outdoor learning areas

•Private and open study areas

•Multi-purpose presentation space with tiered seating

•External locker bays

•Charging stations

Watch this short video for more detail:



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