We live in a connected world with unparalleled access to a vast array of online information and experiences. Our students are growing up in a world where excitement and opportunities are just a screen touch away.

The College is currently phasing in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiative where students are able to bring their own digital device, so long as it meets the specifications outlined by the College. The specification is important so that high level technical support can be provided and students can access the learning offered to them.  Access to computer technology allows for innovative learning and teaching  solutions, through an effective mix of traditional classroom teaching with mobile and online learning.

Bring Your Own Device Program BYOD Specifications


Bring Your Own Device Phased Program
  7 8 9 10 11 12
2016 iPad iPad BYOD Netbook/BYOD Netbook/BYOD Netbook/BYOD
2017 iPad iPad BYOD BYOD Netbook/BYOD Netbook/BYOD
2018 iPad iPad BYOD BYOD BYOD Netbook/BYOD